Monday, 30 March 2009


What is going on!!!!!

I cannot get on to the ww website, it keeps saying ooops this link appears to be broken grrrrrr. I've tried loads of ways and it just won't work!
This is my lifeline I NEED IT!!!!
Luckily this morning I managed to open long enough to input my day in my tracker but then it disappeared again.

Not only this but ma billys away today until Friday working in Inverness so the ww5+ board was gonna be my saviour. I also was hoping to go on for some recipes for main meals, heres hoping that it will be okay later.

Had a fabby weekend, Saturday morning went shopping and got the kids some new clothes. Billy was working so I took all 3 boys and they behaved like little angels, they are just so well behaved it amazes me sometimes lol.
Saturday night I went out with the girls to a psychic night and disco. The psychic was fantastic and even some non believing friends had to admit they were spooked lol. Afterwards we boogied the night away and had a great laugh as we always do - roll on the next night out.
Sunday morning I awoke and yippeee no hangover lol. Billy made me a lovely breakfast and then we went food shopping to tesco and as he's away working I've stocked up on Light Choices ready meals for the week!

Monday again and i've had a great day so far. Just had lunch and i'm about to burst. I had Light Choices minced beef & potatoes for only 3 points. Also been drinking plenty water (which I sometimes don't do) and hopefully I'll keep it up all week. I've got no excuse for going off the plan as I've also been to Poundland and stocked up on ww mini hoops, nachos, cheese puffs & biscuits.

My aim this week is 2lbs to get me into the next stone bracket so fingers crossed I can do it......

Sunday, 29 March 2009

WI Week 7

Woo Hoo :):):)

I lost 1 lb and also measured myself and lost 1" from my waist 1/5" from each thigh and 3" from my hips - yipeeeeeeee :) (boobs still the same lol)
Just need 2lbs to get into the next stone bracket so fingers crossed this week or next I'll be down there.
Gonna be good Gonna be good Gonna be good lol

Monday, 23 March 2009

New Start

well this 7th week is a new start for me. i've been doing this 6 weeks and only lost 7lbs :( so think i need a kick up the ass!
i've joined a new spring team challenge on the ww5+ boards and changed my wi day to saturday so hopefully that will boost me along so not to let my team down :)
this week is TOTM and i'm struggling but i'm planning on keeping on the wagon and hopefully get a loss on saturday.

Friday, 20 March 2009

WI Week 6

i've lost 2 lbs :)
that's my first 7lbs gone :)

Thursday, 19 March 2009


mmmmm well tomorrow is weigh in day and I've not been bad as the title may suggest. . . . NO i've had the dreaded sickness bug which has brought my family to it's knees since last friday :(
my poor boys have had it one by one and as i type my hubby is the latest victim and has been tucked up in bed ill (and i know he means it as i was the very same) and feeling very sorry for himself.
so i haven't overindulged but i have hardly eaten a bite as i still as yet have no appetite (i'm sure that will return lol) and therefore i have lots of unused points. now many would think this to be a blessing but i have found in the past that this usually has the opposite affect on me and i'm hoping for a small loss or even a sts, fingers crossed. if i end up with a loss of more than 2lbs then this means i will have to be very careful as next week when the appetite returns i will gain it all back on. yip i am one of those poor buggers that only has to look at the packet of rolos and the scales creep up a notch or two - it's sooooo unfair!!!
well away to bed i go and tomorrow will bring what it may, goodnight xxx

Monday, 16 March 2009

WI Week 5

I lost 1lb yippppeeeeeeeee :)

although i have to admit i haven't been good at all this week since WI, seem to have lost my mojo and can't get it back definately needing some inspiration :(
i'm thinking about changing my weigh in day from friday to saturday. when i get weighed on friday i then stop pointing until the monday :O WHY!!!!!

WI Week 4


I put on 2lb (TOTM)