Saturday, 20 June 2009

WI week 18 & 19

well, week 18 wi (last week) i lost 1lb which was good as it was that week before totm when i always waver a bit :)

but this week I HAVE LOST 3 LBS WOOPWOOPWOOP meaning i've got my 3rd silver 7 and my 10% goal all while it's totm :):):)

i am soooo happy and pleased. it is taking me longer than some but it's coming off and that's what i want!!

anyways, yesterday i got my 1st inspection from the care commission and i was so nervous as i wasn't sure what to expect but it all went really good and she was very impressed with me and said i am doing fabby! i've been childminding for a few years but i didn't get my inspection last year as i was on maternity leave. so i can breathe and relax lol, my house is spotless and the weekend is ahead!

tonight we are going to the stockcars and hopefully amanda will be there and we can have a wee drink but yes just a wee one cos i'm saving myself for tomorrow ~ i'm going to see take that at hampden yippppeeeee canny wait :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

WI Week 17

gained 2lbs :/ mmm a bit less than i expeceted so not so bad.
i have been a bad girl lol

going to try my hardest this week to get the 2lb off i've gained and then be back to 2lb until 10%. if only i'd been good i'd be there already but hey ho that's how it goes ;)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ohhh Dear........

Jeeeeezzzooooo my weeks going from bad to worse :(

After my sts on saturday I have just went from bad to worse, ma billys away working this week and i've been super good during the day but in the evenings i've ate my body weight (quite a lot) in junk!

Boredom that's what it is pure boredom!

Hopefully he might be coming back tomorrow and therefore help get me back on the straight and narrow and if he doesn't i'm gonna have to zip my mouth shut - if only!!

You know I feel total crap tonight and it's because i've been eating total crap but does it stop me NO IT DOESNAE!!!

I think this week will surely be a gain, let's just pray it's not a HUGE gain!

Monday, 1 June 2009

WI Week 16

I stayed the same this week! I am very pleased as it could have been a gain.

problem is ~ on saturday I got a bit pissed and was drinking lager and eating all sorts of crap mmmm

sunday we were away out all day and i had the hangover munchies and ate just a bit too much.

lecture to myself - MANDY, YOU HAVE 2LBS UNTIL 10% GOAL- DON'T EFF THIS UP!!!!
a wee pic of me and my friends, sheryll and amanda (getting a bit tipsy lol