Friday, 27 February 2009

Week Three WI

Yippeeeeee :)

I lost 1 lb!!! Thank goodness I didn't lose heart last week when I sts. Fingers crossed for my silver 7 next week!

Well I haven't went mad and ate a Dairy Milk lol but I did have a lovely panini for my lunch and I pointed it too!! 9.5 points but it was worth every bite.

Saturday tomorrow and I'm having chicken with mushrooms from the chinese and I must say it is the most delicious and fulfilling 3 points ever, I might even go daft and half a fried rice (5 points :O) as well lol. Washed down with plenty water I'll have it wee'd back out in no time :)

Well nite nite, it's bedtime for me, I've got an early rise in the morning xx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

weigh in tomorrow and if I stay the same again i'm gonna eat a ..........


(i'm fed up being good and getting nowhere)

goodnight x

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

well it's wednesday

no much to report this week so far except for the usual school and nursery run, washing and ironing - in fact pretty boring!
on the "healthy eating" front I have been as good as gold and spent every 10 mins running to the loo AGAIN!!!
today has been my worse day so far and I have really struggled. I was even getting ready to make my dinner at 3pm. Instead I exchanged a mousse (1.5 pts) that I was having after dinner for a special k bar with a cuppa and that pushed me on until 6.30pm.
now I am oh so tired and ready for my bed - even though desperate housewives is coming on soon. thank god for sky+ I can just watch it tomorrow.

oh well nighty nite and I do hope that tomorrow will not be like today and that I'll wake up super slim and able to eat what I want without gaining a pound like my hubby hahahahaha (we can all dream)

mwah xxxxx

Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday Morning Again

Good Morning!

Monday again and what a lovely day it is this morning. It makes such a difference to your mood to wake up and see a little sunshine rather than a lot of rain or should that be snow!!
Well my positive streak is still lasting and into my third week, which is a miracle! I have not yet (and don't intend to may I add) fallen off the wagon and have been so good on my new healthy way of life. I am very proud of myself.
I think it could be this blog that is keeping me going - the fact that if I have a slip up I have to come on here and write it down for all to see. Also the ww message boards are really great if your feeling at a low point to just log in and read some of the posts that are on there will have you giggling in no time.

Todays plan is to do the housework (groan) as I have neglected it the last week.
I have sooooo much washing and ironing and my floors need mopped and the stairs need hoovered, bathroom needs scrubbed and the beds need changing phew I'm shattred already - think I'll stick the kettle on lol! No I won't I will get straight to it and then get the NO POINTS!!! soup on.

Busy day ahead - Oh I'm gonna be polishing my halo tonight when Billy comes home :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stayed The Same!!!!!

Mmmmmmm well as the heading says I stayed the same this week! I have went over my tracker a few times and I can say hand on heart I didn't do anything wrong and I have even counted in the huge amount of vodka I consumed and it was all pointed and paid for - as they say lol.
I am slightly disappointed but I am not going to let this send me down the wrong road and reaching for the non ww biscuit tin! I am going to carry on being a very good girl and hopefully see good results in the next few weeks.

As it's the weekend we had a chinese for tea tonight and I am so proud of myself as I had chicken with mushrooms (lowest thing on the menu) and half portion of fried rice with a handfull of chips and pointed everything and didn't go over - yipeeee. I have to say now that I am full up and it was very satisfying.

Now it's time for bed and tomorrow beckons with another day of full points to be eaten.I'm going to bed to dream about the ww sausages I have for brekkie tomorrow - they're only 1.5 pts each and I do hope they don't taste like sh*t. Nighty Nite lol.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

2nd week nearly over!

oh well, tomorrow is weigh in day and i'm pleased to say that I have been a very very good girl this week again.
worked out all my points from the weekend and I hadn't gone over YIPPEEE!
the only thing is I feel very bloated tonight and I think it's because Thursday is Garys gymnastics night and I leave the house at 5.30pm and I'm not back in until 7.30pm meaning dinner is later than I would normally have.
I have to say tho that Thursday was always chippy night for the reason above, so I must have previously gone to bed FULL OF FAT :O lol
last Thursday the boys all still got their chips and I stole one (OHNO!!!) but to be honest it was disgusting - my palette was so greasy from 1 chip & it felt disgusting. god I never thot I would say that but hey ho healthys the way to go!!

anyways bedtime is calling so I shall pop in tomorrow and share my WI result and fingers crossed with my hard work it'll be a loss.

Monday, 16 February 2009

ma baby out for his walk


mmmmm woke up with a bit of a sore head on sunday after the over drinking the night before. i fell asleep on the couch and in the morning my neck was agony - oh i hate it when that happens. had a lazy day on the couch watching tv then my lovely billy made me bacon & eggs for brunch.

after lazing about we got the kids ready and went out to play a while and for a walk which was great.

I had the munchies for a while but managed to control it and had some skips instead of anything too high.

thankfully weigh ins not until friday and i've got time to exercise and hopefully rectify any over indulgences (vodka) from the weekend.


what a weekend! well 14 of us girls crammed in to my kitchen and drank huge amounts of vodka, gin, wine, bud, jack dan, tia maria and god only knows wot else. then we hit the golf club and we had an absolute ball (again). this is the girls from the local toddler group and I have to say they are all as mad as me lol. maybe went over my points slightly not to sure but hopefully the dancing has more than made up for it - fingers crossed.

Friday, 13 February 2009

just dropping by quickly to say I LOVE MY HAIR!!!! thank god. the woman has made a fab job of it and i'm so pleased that i even booked in for 6wks time to get done again.

oh well I'm away to clean my bathroom and my kitchen floor as the girls are coming over tomorrow for vodka before we hit the pub :):):)
1st week weigh in and i've lost 5lbs yipeeeee!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

had another good day on the healthy eating, weigh in tomorrow and i'm quite nervous. I think it's cos if I don't get a loss I might go backwards and raid the cupboards (as i always have in the past) but saying that I am very positive and havn't been as focused as I am for a long time.
Maybe I am just at the stage where I am really ready for change and know I need to lose this weight and get fit for the sake of my 3 little boys.
Jeezo away from all the sentimental jibber - tonight when I took gary to gymnastics (the snow melted) I was very pleased with myself. you see theres a hill and i don't mean a huge hill i mean a kinda small but a little bit steep hill lol. anyway usually I am huffing and puffing walking up it and tonight I just breezed up without a single wheeze! hip hip hooray - it might only be a small achievment but it has shown me that my 30mins exercise a day is paying off and starting to make small differences already. YEESSSSSSS!!

tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut OHNO! big deal I hear you say but this is a HUGE deal. you see my lovely lynsey (who is now in oz land(which better not be for too long)) has done my hair for hundreds of years and now with her not being here I am going to have to let someone else do it! any women out there will know that this is MEGA lol. someone suggested that I went to a local college and modeled for a trainee hahaha I am bad enough going to a senior stylist so the trainees got no chance. fingers crossed that all will be well and they'll make a fab job of it, it hasn't been cut since september and i'm starting to look like an overgrown hedge. I will update tomorrow on the outcome.

I'm shattered and away to bed now tho why I don't just sleep in the toilet I don't know since i'm in and out it all night peeing. . . . . nite nite ;)
LYNSEY GILMOUR - this facebook is totally confusing me. get all the aussie folk onto bebo lol
still can't get the ticker at the right bit arggghhhhh!
yippeeee my back is loads better today and I have just done 30mins on my fitness coach. phew i'm shatrd. at the end it tells you how many calories you've burned off and today I burned 127 cals. Is that good mmm I'm not sure but I suppose the more I do the easier it'll become and the more I'll burn.
tomorrow is my 1st weigh in and I can't wait. It's been the longest week ever. I hope over the coming weeks I'll still be as keen to get weighed mmm we'll see lol.
well folks the snow is falling heavily again and after the last 2 days of sunshine I thot that was it gone. typical garys got gymnastics tonight and billy will probably be working late, so I'll have to wrap all the brood up and take them all out with me.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

pleased to report in that I have had another great day and have another 2 points left - plenty vodka on saturday for me :)
i must say that I am really enjoying my new look at life, the healthier food and even the exercise!!! I think the forums on the ww site are a huge help, just reading them every day is definately helping me and you realise your not the only one to feel the way you do at times - we're all in the same boat and we'll all get there.
good morning,
ahhhh bliss me and the kids had a long lie in this morning until 9.30am! even the little one snored on.
another good thing my back feels less sore this morning - yipee.
got back to the my fitness coach on the wii altho I only did 15mins to ease the back - back into it and I'm glad to say afterwards I was feeling a lot better. hopefully back up to 30 mins tomorrow.
got my menu all planned for today with a few extra points unused just incase of stressful moments (kids off school - fighting already) but hopefully they will remain unused to go towards my planned vodka intake at the weekend!
off now to put my colour on my hair and get ready to pick up mother dear.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Today I realised why I am fat - I weighed out my pasta for lunch and JEEEEEZZZZOOOOO I've been eating enuf pasta for the full street!!!! In the past I used to just put heaps (and heaps and heaps) in a pot, cook it then guzzle it and think wow I've been good today weight watchers tuna and some pasta hahaha little did I realise that there was probably about 20 points each serving. Not today tho I had the proper weight and I was still feeling full and very satisfied afterwards ;)

Not done any workouts for the last 2 days as on Sunday I hurt my back and I've been in agony with it. Don't know what's for the best - keep exercising or give it a break?????? Eventually me and the hubby decided give it a couple of days then try a light workout on Wednesday so hopefully fingers crossed I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Kids are off for the next 3 days which is gonna throw me off my routine but I'm hoping to keep occupied and not start nibbling when I shouldn't. It's amazing how sometimes things automatically head right to my lips without me even noticing what I'm doing - old habits and all that. Well I am going to break them this time....

Monday, 9 February 2009

my three babies.

the boys out yesterday on the farm

I am proud to say that I did not give in to temptation and I did however clean the livingroom and the kitchen WOOHOO!! Also helped Gary with the homework made their dinner and fed the baby! I did not however do the ironing - ran out of time so that will be my distraction for tomorrow.

Dinner was def worth the wait yum yum it was delish.
having one of those days where i'm kinda wandering about starting jobs then moving to the next one without finishing anything.
I'm in the mood to pick at the fridge/cupboard/biscuit tin anything really! It's only 3.45pm and I want my dinner already.
mmmm what can I do, got loads of housework & ironing but can't be bothered.
Baby Kerrs due a feed that will take up 30mins while Gary does his homework, then I can sort Gary & Jays tea while that's cooking I can do the ironing! After that I can prepare my tea and while that's cooking I can run round with the hoover and put away the clothes. It'll be time for tea before I know it.
I'm a genius lol!

Will I do as I say? - I'll check back in later and reveal what really happened ;)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

end of another days eating and yee-haa i've got thru it without feeling starving at all and i've saved some points which is great as at the weekend I have at wild night out planned with the girls which will require lots of vodka and dancing like looneys!! really enjoying my healthy eating so far - its a great change to stodgy grub which was starting to sicken the life out of me.

snow has started here quite heavy again but probably be like last week and we'll wake up tomorrow and it will all be gone, hope not the kids are really wanting to make a snowman and I reckon trailing thru the snow with my wellies on will prob be a good workout!

off to bed I go now to dream of healthy salads, fruit and a lovely new skinny me ;)

nite nite xxx

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker

Weight Loss - Diet Ticker
Friday 6th February Weigh In & Measurements

Weight - 15st 9lbs
Waist - 44in
Hips - 48in
Chest - 46.5in
R. Leg - 27.5in
L.Leg - 28in
good morning. bought myself my fitness coach for the wii and just done a 30 mins sweaty workout and i feel great. been doing them for the last 4 days and already i can feel the benefit going up and down the stairs. also been on the kids wii fit doing step aerobics which is great. you can set it up so that you watch tv while stepping. perfect before you know it you've done 30 mins while watching tony murdering someone on corrie lol.

heading out today to buy paint for the kitchen and when the kids are off next week i'm going to get stuck into the painting -woohoo!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

just incase you come on for a nosy at my blog HI LYNSEY IN AUSTRALIA!!! LOVE & MISS YOU LOADS!
oh dear, well i didn't paint the nursery! gabbed on the phone for a while - on&off the computer and watched total wipeout - that's so funny lol. my diet guru - laura told me to check out poundland and get lots of weight watchers goodies at a great price so tomorrow will be a trip to that very place, cheers chuck! my lovely hubby billy has made me a huge pot of low points home made soup yum yum. that will keep me from snacking tomorrow. going to relax with a mug of tea and my creme egg mmmm 3.5 points for something so sweet. just realised how to add photos to my comments lol so the fat photos will be unleashed
hello, 2nd day and i've had a very busy one out shopping all day. surely that's classed as vigorous excercise lol. had a lovely filling stir-fry for my dinner that was only 6 points!!!! think i'll head upstairs now for some more exercise - painting the wee ones nursery lol!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Well 1st day nearly over - phew....
Decided to take my mum out to bingo to keep my mind off the food and what the feck - walk into the bingo and all you could smell was chips with salt & vinegar from the cafe!!! no fear in my bag was a pack of snack-a-jacks to ease me thru lol cos they taste the same eh :)
Didnae even win a £1, never mind. Bedtime xx
Started the new diet this morning, mmm feeling a bit peckish and it's only 12.20pm. Was trying to keep my lunch until 1.30pm lol. Done 30 mins exercise this morning woohoo :) have to keep it up!