Wednesday, 14 July 2010

mmmm it has been a long time since i've been on here - nearly a year! yip i am still a fat fecker lol but tonight i am going to my 1st zumba class.......jeez i hope i survive lol :)

Monday, 17 August 2009


Yip NEGLECT that's what i've been doing to my blog - neglecting it.

After my weekend away at the wedding, my hubbys birthday and my birthday i put on 4lb!!!! What can I say ............ at least I didn't stay the same lol :)

Well at least I can laugh about it and I definately enjoyed it. I've been back on track since last week and I lost 2lb when I weighed in on saturday so i'm aiming to get the other 2lb off asap!

I've got a party on Sept 11th and I'm aiming for 7lbs off so fingers crossed i'll do it.

The kids are back at school on Wednesday and I am soooo looking forward to getting back into a routine and hopefully helping boosting the weightloss again.
I'm trying to work out what week i'm on and think i've got mixed up somewhere, i'm sure Week 26 was holiday - then Week 27 gained 4lbs - then Week 28 lost 2lbs. So next week must be Wk 29.

Jeeeeezzzzzo it is coming off slowly :O

Sunday, 26 July 2009

WI Week 22, 23 & 24

well i have stayed the same weight for sooooo long now that i'm ready to scream out loud :(
i know, i know, everyone keeps saying at least your not gaining but for fecks sake not even 1 lb off!
i have tried varying food, fast start and different excercises and the only thing i can think of now is jacking it all in . . . . . . .
ok no i'm not going to jack it but what do i do next!
i'm away next weekend and i am taking a holiday week. i am going to stick to the plan as much as poss and i'll be home on sunday so i'm thinking of doing the wendie plan that week and fingers crossed booting my metabolism right back into touch and maybe even getting a loss :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

WI Week 20 & 21

man alive i've no been on for ages, life just seems to be so hectic and busy all the time!
i've not been on 5+ board or anything, i just seem to get up in the morning, rush around then fall into bed at night.

yip and now it's the summer holidays so kids all day - hectic hectic hectic lol
if i hear once more "I'M BORED" i think i'll scream. i mean they've not even been off a full week yet :O

this weekend coming we're going camping hahahahaha ME CAMPING!!!! do they have en-suite loos in a tent i said to ma billy?? oh yeah was the reply - A BUCKET lol
never mind it's for the kids! we go on friday, (weather report says rain!!) but it's not far just to perthshire we are borrowing my aunts 9 man tent and she's got all the gear to go with it :)
i asked the woman when we booked what time we could arrive and she said from 12 noon. yip we'll be there at 12 noon to get the thing up before darkness falls hahaha.
list of things to pack includes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, suncream, wellies & rain coats. pretty much covers it ;)
camping for me in the past has always been T in the Park, so take away the smelly loos, loud music and random drunk people peeing on tents and it will be fab.

at the end of this month i am going to a wedding in aberdeen and i've booked the best suite in the hotel with it's own patio doors out into the gardens so if it's lashing with rain while in the tent i will close my eyes and think of that lol

anyways no much change with the weight, on week 20 i put on 1lb and then in week 21 i lost it again!

3 weeks on friday until the wedding so after the camping trip i am going to be on my bestest ever behaviour and try and get another 7lbs off and make it to my 2st - fingers crossed :)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

WI week 18 & 19

well, week 18 wi (last week) i lost 1lb which was good as it was that week before totm when i always waver a bit :)

but this week I HAVE LOST 3 LBS WOOPWOOPWOOP meaning i've got my 3rd silver 7 and my 10% goal all while it's totm :):):)

i am soooo happy and pleased. it is taking me longer than some but it's coming off and that's what i want!!

anyways, yesterday i got my 1st inspection from the care commission and i was so nervous as i wasn't sure what to expect but it all went really good and she was very impressed with me and said i am doing fabby! i've been childminding for a few years but i didn't get my inspection last year as i was on maternity leave. so i can breathe and relax lol, my house is spotless and the weekend is ahead!

tonight we are going to the stockcars and hopefully amanda will be there and we can have a wee drink but yes just a wee one cos i'm saving myself for tomorrow ~ i'm going to see take that at hampden yippppeeeee canny wait :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

WI Week 17

gained 2lbs :/ mmm a bit less than i expeceted so not so bad.
i have been a bad girl lol

going to try my hardest this week to get the 2lb off i've gained and then be back to 2lb until 10%. if only i'd been good i'd be there already but hey ho that's how it goes ;)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ohhh Dear........

Jeeeeezzzooooo my weeks going from bad to worse :(

After my sts on saturday I have just went from bad to worse, ma billys away working this week and i've been super good during the day but in the evenings i've ate my body weight (quite a lot) in junk!

Boredom that's what it is pure boredom!

Hopefully he might be coming back tomorrow and therefore help get me back on the straight and narrow and if he doesn't i'm gonna have to zip my mouth shut - if only!!

You know I feel total crap tonight and it's because i've been eating total crap but does it stop me NO IT DOESNAE!!!

I think this week will surely be a gain, let's just pray it's not a HUGE gain!