Wednesday, 27 May 2009

well it's nearly over.......

the birthday arrived, the kids came from school and the grub got ate! I did well and had some sandwhiches and cake but all pointed :) PHEW!!!

i was trying to save some and claw back but you know i'm just doing the normal and eating my points and what will be will be :)

happy 7th birthday gary xxx

Monday, 25 May 2009

I've been a bad girl :(

yesterday was my sons birthday party at a new play area and I had every intention of being a very good girl and sticking to my points. well i failed! it all started when we left the house at 9.30am and i hadn't had breakfast ~ bad move! i got to the place and they did breakfasts and yip i had one! sausages, bacon, egg, black pudding, mushrooms, toast & tea and i bet there wasn't a can of fry light in sight!
don't even know the points that was in all that and i'm not even gonna count.
afterwards i ate rubbish all day, didn't have a lunch or dinner just junk. biscuits, crisps, chocolate, cake pretty much anything that was in my way.

theres my line and i'm over it!
that was my first blow out in 14weeks and it's not gonna bring me down. i am cutting back 2 points every day (not loads but will help) and i'm gonna earn BP's all week by walking everywhere i possibly can. i am going to drink my 2 litres of water every day and fingers crossed i will undo some of the damage i've done.
i may not get my 3rd shiny 7 or my 10% next week but i will get them and soon!!
let the week commence, i've got my tracker planned to the last crumb, wish me luck xx

Saturday, 23 May 2009

WI Week 15

Yipeeee I lost 1 lb :) really thought it was gonna be a sts or even a small gain this week.
I am so pleased!
Only 2lbs until my 10% hopefully get it next week although it's Garys birthday so we'll see!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

2 days until WI

well i am having a totally crap week :(
have only gone over 1 day (yesterday) by a jammie dodger - 1.5pts, which i know is not major and i have some BP's from walking but it is TOTM and i am very bloated and retaining fluid. My rings are really tight today and last week they were falling off.
of course i have not helped matters by not drinking all my water GRRRRRR.

I have just bought a dress for a wedding i am going to on July 31st and it is a size 16 :0 I am fitting in to a 18 jeans just now but still a 18-20 top, so will I be able to fit it in time???
mmmm 10 weeks tomorrow, fingers crossed it will fit and i don't end up wearing a top and black trousers as usual!!
it's my gary's 7th birthday next wednesday, and he is having a birthday party on sunday at a huge new play area, i have got the eating part under control, been already to check it out and they have lovely baked potatoes.
the problem will be on wednesday when i have all the party food laid out for when him and a few friends come home for a little celebration. OMG!!! birthday cakes and sausage rolls and sausages - jeeeezo i think i'll go out for the day and get someone else to do it al lol xxx

Monday, 18 May 2009

WI Week 14

Weigh in on Saturday and I lost 1 lb :) very pleased for this week and only 3lbs to go until my 10%

I have joined another new challenge ~ new year new you challenge!
I really believe the challenges are what are making me stick to the plan as I don't want to have to email anyone that I have put weight on!
whenever I get to goal I'm gonna have to email someone every week to keep me on the straight and narrow lol :)

ran out of weight watchers bars eeeck! diet guru laura has got me some at her class and is posting them up!
I usually order from ww by phone but you have to buy in bulk and then they take about 10 days to be delivered, i'm not that organised lol.

well i think i'll have an early nite tonight i'm shattered, stayed up until after 1am, on the laptop, lethal things. I put loads of things on ebay ~username mandy6876~ incase anyone wants a nosey, including my ww scales which I have used once. I know there are people who cannot live without them but I just use ordinary ones!

well off to have dinner, ww pizza and ww chips, yum yum, who said healthy eating was boring :) xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

and some of my babies xx

Some pictures

Just thought I would add some pictures of my last night out on the p!ss.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


another new name :-0 gggrrrrr

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have just been having a gander around the 5+ board reading peoples posts and there was one saying that someone now had under 5 stone to lose. I thought to myself awww how lucky, I can't wait until that's me.

Guess What........................


I have !only! 4 stone 10 pounds until target - still a fair amount but not as much as 5 pmsl! Yip I am a total rocket lol.

That has really cheered me up xxx

Monday, 11 May 2009

It's that week again!

Well, it is the week before TOTM! Or should that be the hardest week of the month. I am going to be good as gold and stay within points!
I have got tesco delivering tomorrow with all my weight watcher friendly goodies and with my week all planned out there is no reason for muck ups :)
So with me keeping in control let's hope the body doesn't let me down by retaining that nasty fluid which makes me sts every month!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

WI Week 13

I've lost another 2lbs this week ~ YIPEEE Whoooop Whooooop I am sooooo happy!!

Only got 4lbs to go until my 10% goal!!

Not the best photo in the world. . . but is my face getting thinner ~ it better be lol

My wee Jay is still got the sickness bug and ma Billy is working today going through 100 cattle so god know when he'll be home!

I'm shattered had such a mad frantic week and now I feel like I could go and lie down until tomorrow.

Unfortunatly mothers don't have that privelage and we just have to get on with it.

I have a huge mound of sick washing to get through including a quilt :0 and i'm going to scrub the bugs right outta this house lol, hopefully earning some BP's along the way ;)

I've got Vernon 'the man' Kay on Radio 1 to help me through the morning cleaning.

Music should be good today as it's the Big Weekend in Swindon! Pity i'm in dull drizzly Scotland. Oh the days of festivals seem to be soooooooooooo long ago lol never mind I've got Take That to go see soon!

A wee update on my dog Gem, she's doing great living with aunty Leeann. It's very strange her not being in the house, everytime theres something dropped on the floor I go to shout for her to get it boohoo, but on a plus side I hoovered the stairs days ago and they're still like new!!1 Not a white hair in sight, which must be great for the wee ones skin xx

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday

What a day I had yesterday!!

I went to Asda and the weather was wild! I put baby Kerr in the trolley and away we went, but half way through the door I realised I had left a pair of jeans to be returned in the car. I turned round and went over to the car. I put the brake on the trolley and got the bag from the car. When I turned back round the trolley (WITH MY BABY IN IT) was getting blown across the path :O Oh My God!!! Me and another woman ran for him and thankfully he was fine, phew.....

I got home and the school had phoned, Gary had fallen in the playground and smacked the back of his head I was re-assured he was 100% fine but it was policy to phone parents if this ever happened.

Meanwhile at home I was sitting on the couch and Kerr was beside me when he decided to have a roll, luckily I was right there or he'd have been on the floor. Decided to move him into his baby nest thingy and he catapulted himself out of it and onto the floor - I reckon he'll be the stunt man of the family!

On a Thursday evening Gary has training with his gymnastics club - Carnegie Spartans. Billy came home to sit with the other 2 as afterwards I had a hair appointment. Half way through training they brought him out to me saying he was dizzy and confused!! I took him straight up to A&E where one particular nurse made me feel very guilty for taking him to gymnastics after bumping his head! I promise he was fine!!! After 1.5 hours in A&E he got the all clear and was allowed to go home with a leaflet on what to look out for.

Billy had to go out to check his cattle so away he went when we got home. Gary & Jay headed up to bed to watch TV as a treat after all the commotion.
About 10 mins later Gary came down to get a drink and I noticed red marks round both eyes! As he stood in front of me they started to swell and become blotchy, I immediately got the piriton out (which I had just replaced that day when at Asda!!) and gave him the highest dose, I phoned Billy and told him to get home. I then took his PJ top off and lumps started on his shoulders working it's way all over his arms. Straight on the phone to NHS Direct who were great, they explained that the piriton could take 2 hours to work and keep a close eye on his breathing and mouth. Thankfully it stopped spreading after reaching his legs.
Poor Gary, I then gave him a cool bath and got him sorted and kept him downstairs where I could watch him and he conked out on the couch. I wouldn't let him up to bed until I could see the blotches starting to disappear.
The only thing different that he had was a drink of Sprite Zero while on way home from hospital. He never has fizzy juice, just mostly water. The nurse on the phone thinks he had a reaction to the sweetners that are in the juice!!

Today all been well up until late afternoon. Poor Jay has been peeky after we picked up from school and has now been sick, must have a bug - a doddle compared to yesterday!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

oh dear

I am soooo annoyed with myself, i've been on the 5+ board and I feel that I am suspicious of every new name that comes on!!!
Last week when the troll started her carry on again I thought eff this crap I'm just gonna forget about the board and just do my blog.
But NO why should I!
I enjoy going on to see how everyone is getting on and picking up new recipes and tips and why should I let some woman who either has serious issues or is just a pure bitch through and through stop me from doing this.


Anyway, i'm sure she has re-joined under another name and i'm just waiting for it all to kick off.
I do hope I am wrong but the posts are the same grammer and style as previous, theres a slight difference but that could be due to a comment someone made last week.
Och, I suppose if it is her she won't be able to hold her tounge/fingers past Saturday night!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Och Well

my wee gem has gone!
the house seems so empty without her. the boys have taken it well, just shouted bye to her and then went back to the tv.
had a wee tear for a while and a wee greet when no one was there!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Star Wars Day - may the forth

Well it's been a strange day for me!

I've not been hungry but just feeling kinda weird, as if I had mucked up my eating plans before I had even ate?

Never done much this morning, just went about the house. I had ww bagels for breakfast.

Then this afternoon I went to the community centre with the kids to see The Animal Man!

They loved it especially the bit when I had a snake round my neck!!!!

I ate some space raiders while I was there.

For dinner I had ww pizza & ww garlic bread.

I even had a bout of the munchies later on this evening but I'm still not over my points so I suppose that's good.

Still feel a bit weird though :(

Not looking forward to tomorrow. My wee dog Gem is leaving!

I've had her from 6 weeks old and she's now 8. My youngest sons skin has got very bad eczema which has just appeared when the dog started casting a few weeks ago.
After much deliberating we have decided to give her too my SIL who loves her loads and will take very good care of her. But still it will be like losing a part of the family :(
On the up-side we do have another 2 dogs Ash & Pip who are kept outside in kennels. Not the same as my wee baby though x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

WI Week 12

Good Morning :)

I have lost 2lbs this morning and i'm happy happy happy!
I now have 6lbs to go to get to my 10% goal - it seems so in reach and I cannot wait :)

Last night diet guru Laura came to visit and she is a SKINNY BITCH lol she's looking fabtastic and her bum has shrunk loads and loads and

She brought me a wee pressie with her . . . .

My 1ST stone!

(pic will be added soon)(when I workout how to transfer from my new camera lol)
I was so chuffed, it brought tears to my eyes. I've kept it in my purse and I'm gonna get a wee special purse to keep it in.
Then when I lose more they will be added to the purse to keep forever in there and not on my ass lol

Well I have got a new Laptop coming and I'm soooo excited (such a child) hopefully it will be here today or i'll have to wait until Tuesday and I have no patience for waiting lol
Diet Guru Laura has kinda explained how I add it to my wireless router and I am now trying to find out if I can share my anti-virus with both the desk top & lappie and save myself a few quid!

I'm away now to do the shopping list for the week and chop the veggies for my free soup. xxx