Wednesday, 6 May 2009

oh dear

I am soooo annoyed with myself, i've been on the 5+ board and I feel that I am suspicious of every new name that comes on!!!
Last week when the troll started her carry on again I thought eff this crap I'm just gonna forget about the board and just do my blog.
But NO why should I!
I enjoy going on to see how everyone is getting on and picking up new recipes and tips and why should I let some woman who either has serious issues or is just a pure bitch through and through stop me from doing this.


Anyway, i'm sure she has re-joined under another name and i'm just waiting for it all to kick off.
I do hope I am wrong but the posts are the same grammer and style as previous, theres a slight difference but that could be due to a comment someone made last week.
Och, I suppose if it is her she won't be able to hold her tounge/fingers past Saturday night!


  1. Yup...low post count and a double barrel name again.....I am suspicious of new names too :o(

  2. You can tell her style straight off,knowing all the abbreviations etc

  3. yeah we're all taking 'small goals' at this dieting x