Thursday, 21 May 2009

2 days until WI

well i am having a totally crap week :(
have only gone over 1 day (yesterday) by a jammie dodger - 1.5pts, which i know is not major and i have some BP's from walking but it is TOTM and i am very bloated and retaining fluid. My rings are really tight today and last week they were falling off.
of course i have not helped matters by not drinking all my water GRRRRRR.

I have just bought a dress for a wedding i am going to on July 31st and it is a size 16 :0 I am fitting in to a 18 jeans just now but still a 18-20 top, so will I be able to fit it in time???
mmmm 10 weeks tomorrow, fingers crossed it will fit and i don't end up wearing a top and black trousers as usual!!
it's my gary's 7th birthday next wednesday, and he is having a birthday party on sunday at a huge new play area, i have got the eating part under control, been already to check it out and they have lovely baked potatoes.
the problem will be on wednesday when i have all the party food laid out for when him and a few friends come home for a little celebration. OMG!!! birthday cakes and sausage rolls and sausages - jeeeezo i think i'll go out for the day and get someone else to do it al lol xxx

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  1. Make sure you eat something (haelthy) sneakily before everyone arrives so you are stuffed for the party already.
    Nothing is worse than a grumbly belly on top of screaming party food!!