Friday, 8 May 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday

What a day I had yesterday!!

I went to Asda and the weather was wild! I put baby Kerr in the trolley and away we went, but half way through the door I realised I had left a pair of jeans to be returned in the car. I turned round and went over to the car. I put the brake on the trolley and got the bag from the car. When I turned back round the trolley (WITH MY BABY IN IT) was getting blown across the path :O Oh My God!!! Me and another woman ran for him and thankfully he was fine, phew.....

I got home and the school had phoned, Gary had fallen in the playground and smacked the back of his head I was re-assured he was 100% fine but it was policy to phone parents if this ever happened.

Meanwhile at home I was sitting on the couch and Kerr was beside me when he decided to have a roll, luckily I was right there or he'd have been on the floor. Decided to move him into his baby nest thingy and he catapulted himself out of it and onto the floor - I reckon he'll be the stunt man of the family!

On a Thursday evening Gary has training with his gymnastics club - Carnegie Spartans. Billy came home to sit with the other 2 as afterwards I had a hair appointment. Half way through training they brought him out to me saying he was dizzy and confused!! I took him straight up to A&E where one particular nurse made me feel very guilty for taking him to gymnastics after bumping his head! I promise he was fine!!! After 1.5 hours in A&E he got the all clear and was allowed to go home with a leaflet on what to look out for.

Billy had to go out to check his cattle so away he went when we got home. Gary & Jay headed up to bed to watch TV as a treat after all the commotion.
About 10 mins later Gary came down to get a drink and I noticed red marks round both eyes! As he stood in front of me they started to swell and become blotchy, I immediately got the piriton out (which I had just replaced that day when at Asda!!) and gave him the highest dose, I phoned Billy and told him to get home. I then took his PJ top off and lumps started on his shoulders working it's way all over his arms. Straight on the phone to NHS Direct who were great, they explained that the piriton could take 2 hours to work and keep a close eye on his breathing and mouth. Thankfully it stopped spreading after reaching his legs.
Poor Gary, I then gave him a cool bath and got him sorted and kept him downstairs where I could watch him and he conked out on the couch. I wouldn't let him up to bed until I could see the blotches starting to disappear.
The only thing different that he had was a drink of Sprite Zero while on way home from hospital. He never has fizzy juice, just mostly water. The nurse on the phone thinks he had a reaction to the sweetners that are in the juice!!

Today all been well up until late afternoon. Poor Jay has been peeky after we picked up from school and has now been sick, must have a bug - a doddle compared to yesterday!

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  1. WOW, what a busy couple of days you've had!!
    Make sure you take some time out for you!!