Monday, 4 May 2009

Star Wars Day - may the forth

Well it's been a strange day for me!

I've not been hungry but just feeling kinda weird, as if I had mucked up my eating plans before I had even ate?

Never done much this morning, just went about the house. I had ww bagels for breakfast.

Then this afternoon I went to the community centre with the kids to see The Animal Man!

They loved it especially the bit when I had a snake round my neck!!!!

I ate some space raiders while I was there.

For dinner I had ww pizza & ww garlic bread.

I even had a bout of the munchies later on this evening but I'm still not over my points so I suppose that's good.

Still feel a bit weird though :(

Not looking forward to tomorrow. My wee dog Gem is leaving!

I've had her from 6 weeks old and she's now 8. My youngest sons skin has got very bad eczema which has just appeared when the dog started casting a few weeks ago.
After much deliberating we have decided to give her too my SIL who loves her loads and will take very good care of her. But still it will be like losing a part of the family :(
On the up-side we do have another 2 dogs Ash & Pip who are kept outside in kennels. Not the same as my wee baby though x

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