Monday, 18 May 2009

WI Week 14

Weigh in on Saturday and I lost 1 lb :) very pleased for this week and only 3lbs to go until my 10%

I have joined another new challenge ~ new year new you challenge!
I really believe the challenges are what are making me stick to the plan as I don't want to have to email anyone that I have put weight on!
whenever I get to goal I'm gonna have to email someone every week to keep me on the straight and narrow lol :)

ran out of weight watchers bars eeeck! diet guru laura has got me some at her class and is posting them up!
I usually order from ww by phone but you have to buy in bulk and then they take about 10 days to be delivered, i'm not that organised lol.

well i think i'll have an early nite tonight i'm shattered, stayed up until after 1am, on the laptop, lethal things. I put loads of things on ebay ~username mandy6876~ incase anyone wants a nosey, including my ww scales which I have used once. I know there are people who cannot live without them but I just use ordinary ones!

well off to have dinner, ww pizza and ww chips, yum yum, who said healthy eating was boring :) xx

1 comment:

  1. YAY!! Another pound closer to goal!!
    Your 10% will be here before you know it!!