Monday, 17 August 2009


Yip NEGLECT that's what i've been doing to my blog - neglecting it.

After my weekend away at the wedding, my hubbys birthday and my birthday i put on 4lb!!!! What can I say ............ at least I didn't stay the same lol :)

Well at least I can laugh about it and I definately enjoyed it. I've been back on track since last week and I lost 2lb when I weighed in on saturday so i'm aiming to get the other 2lb off asap!

I've got a party on Sept 11th and I'm aiming for 7lbs off so fingers crossed i'll do it.

The kids are back at school on Wednesday and I am soooo looking forward to getting back into a routine and hopefully helping boosting the weightloss again.
I'm trying to work out what week i'm on and think i've got mixed up somewhere, i'm sure Week 26 was holiday - then Week 27 gained 4lbs - then Week 28 lost 2lbs. So next week must be Wk 29.

Jeeeeezzzzzo it is coming off slowly :O

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