Wednesday, 8 July 2009

WI Week 20 & 21

man alive i've no been on for ages, life just seems to be so hectic and busy all the time!
i've not been on 5+ board or anything, i just seem to get up in the morning, rush around then fall into bed at night.

yip and now it's the summer holidays so kids all day - hectic hectic hectic lol
if i hear once more "I'M BORED" i think i'll scream. i mean they've not even been off a full week yet :O

this weekend coming we're going camping hahahahaha ME CAMPING!!!! do they have en-suite loos in a tent i said to ma billy?? oh yeah was the reply - A BUCKET lol
never mind it's for the kids! we go on friday, (weather report says rain!!) but it's not far just to perthshire we are borrowing my aunts 9 man tent and she's got all the gear to go with it :)
i asked the woman when we booked what time we could arrive and she said from 12 noon. yip we'll be there at 12 noon to get the thing up before darkness falls hahaha.
list of things to pack includes, shorts, t-shirts, hats, suncream, wellies & rain coats. pretty much covers it ;)
camping for me in the past has always been T in the Park, so take away the smelly loos, loud music and random drunk people peeing on tents and it will be fab.

at the end of this month i am going to a wedding in aberdeen and i've booked the best suite in the hotel with it's own patio doors out into the gardens so if it's lashing with rain while in the tent i will close my eyes and think of that lol

anyways no much change with the weight, on week 20 i put on 1lb and then in week 21 i lost it again!

3 weeks on friday until the wedding so after the camping trip i am going to be on my bestest ever behaviour and try and get another 7lbs off and make it to my 2st - fingers crossed :)

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