Thursday, 19 February 2009

2nd week nearly over!

oh well, tomorrow is weigh in day and i'm pleased to say that I have been a very very good girl this week again.
worked out all my points from the weekend and I hadn't gone over YIPPEEE!
the only thing is I feel very bloated tonight and I think it's because Thursday is Garys gymnastics night and I leave the house at 5.30pm and I'm not back in until 7.30pm meaning dinner is later than I would normally have.
I have to say tho that Thursday was always chippy night for the reason above, so I must have previously gone to bed FULL OF FAT :O lol
last Thursday the boys all still got their chips and I stole one (OHNO!!!) but to be honest it was disgusting - my palette was so greasy from 1 chip & it felt disgusting. god I never thot I would say that but hey ho healthys the way to go!!

anyways bedtime is calling so I shall pop in tomorrow and share my WI result and fingers crossed with my hard work it'll be a loss.

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