Friday, 27 February 2009

Week Three WI

Yippeeeeee :)

I lost 1 lb!!! Thank goodness I didn't lose heart last week when I sts. Fingers crossed for my silver 7 next week!

Well I haven't went mad and ate a Dairy Milk lol but I did have a lovely panini for my lunch and I pointed it too!! 9.5 points but it was worth every bite.

Saturday tomorrow and I'm having chicken with mushrooms from the chinese and I must say it is the most delicious and fulfilling 3 points ever, I might even go daft and half a fried rice (5 points :O) as well lol. Washed down with plenty water I'll have it wee'd back out in no time :)

Well nite nite, it's bedtime for me, I've got an early rise in the morning xx


  1. Well done on your loss and good luck for acheiving your silver 7 next week. A panini sounds much better then a FAMILY SIZE DAIRY MILK lol lol. Enjoy your chinese :0)

  2. So, it has probbaly been your WI by now - did you get your 7? Your pic of Gary, Jay & Kerr is lovely!!