Thursday, 12 February 2009

had another good day on the healthy eating, weigh in tomorrow and i'm quite nervous. I think it's cos if I don't get a loss I might go backwards and raid the cupboards (as i always have in the past) but saying that I am very positive and havn't been as focused as I am for a long time.
Maybe I am just at the stage where I am really ready for change and know I need to lose this weight and get fit for the sake of my 3 little boys.
Jeezo away from all the sentimental jibber - tonight when I took gary to gymnastics (the snow melted) I was very pleased with myself. you see theres a hill and i don't mean a huge hill i mean a kinda small but a little bit steep hill lol. anyway usually I am huffing and puffing walking up it and tonight I just breezed up without a single wheeze! hip hip hooray - it might only be a small achievment but it has shown me that my 30mins exercise a day is paying off and starting to make small differences already. YEESSSSSSS!!

tomorrow I am going to get my hair cut OHNO! big deal I hear you say but this is a HUGE deal. you see my lovely lynsey (who is now in oz land(which better not be for too long)) has done my hair for hundreds of years and now with her not being here I am going to have to let someone else do it! any women out there will know that this is MEGA lol. someone suggested that I went to a local college and modeled for a trainee hahaha I am bad enough going to a senior stylist so the trainees got no chance. fingers crossed that all will be well and they'll make a fab job of it, it hasn't been cut since september and i'm starting to look like an overgrown hedge. I will update tomorrow on the outcome.

I'm shattered and away to bed now tho why I don't just sleep in the toilet I don't know since i'm in and out it all night peeing. . . . . nite nite ;)

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