Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Today I realised why I am fat - I weighed out my pasta for lunch and JEEEEEZZZZOOOOO I've been eating enuf pasta for the full street!!!! In the past I used to just put heaps (and heaps and heaps) in a pot, cook it then guzzle it and think wow I've been good today weight watchers tuna and some pasta hahaha little did I realise that there was probably about 20 points each serving. Not today tho I had the proper weight and I was still feeling full and very satisfied afterwards ;)

Not done any workouts for the last 2 days as on Sunday I hurt my back and I've been in agony with it. Don't know what's for the best - keep exercising or give it a break?????? Eventually me and the hubby decided give it a couple of days then try a light workout on Wednesday so hopefully fingers crossed I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Kids are off for the next 3 days which is gonna throw me off my routine but I'm hoping to keep occupied and not start nibbling when I shouldn't. It's amazing how sometimes things automatically head right to my lips without me even noticing what I'm doing - old habits and all that. Well I am going to break them this time....

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  1. Hey chickadee you have made an excellent start keep up the good work - remember how good it'll feel to slip into those smaller sizes as you go along - you can do it girl - go go go!!!!