Wednesday, 25 February 2009

well it's wednesday

no much to report this week so far except for the usual school and nursery run, washing and ironing - in fact pretty boring!
on the "healthy eating" front I have been as good as gold and spent every 10 mins running to the loo AGAIN!!!
today has been my worse day so far and I have really struggled. I was even getting ready to make my dinner at 3pm. Instead I exchanged a mousse (1.5 pts) that I was having after dinner for a special k bar with a cuppa and that pushed me on until 6.30pm.
now I am oh so tired and ready for my bed - even though desperate housewives is coming on soon. thank god for sky+ I can just watch it tomorrow.

oh well nighty nite and I do hope that tomorrow will not be like today and that I'll wake up super slim and able to eat what I want without gaining a pound like my hubby hahahahaha (we can all dream)

mwah xxxxx

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