Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday Morning Again

Good Morning!

Monday again and what a lovely day it is this morning. It makes such a difference to your mood to wake up and see a little sunshine rather than a lot of rain or should that be snow!!
Well my positive streak is still lasting and into my third week, which is a miracle! I have not yet (and don't intend to may I add) fallen off the wagon and have been so good on my new healthy way of life. I am very proud of myself.
I think it could be this blog that is keeping me going - the fact that if I have a slip up I have to come on here and write it down for all to see. Also the ww message boards are really great if your feeling at a low point to just log in and read some of the posts that are on there will have you giggling in no time.

Todays plan is to do the housework (groan) as I have neglected it the last week.
I have sooooo much washing and ironing and my floors need mopped and the stairs need hoovered, bathroom needs scrubbed and the beds need changing phew I'm shattred already - think I'll stick the kettle on lol! No I won't I will get straight to it and then get the NO POINTS!!! soup on.

Busy day ahead - Oh I'm gonna be polishing my halo tonight when Billy comes home :)

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