Saturday, 21 February 2009

Stayed The Same!!!!!

Mmmmmmm well as the heading says I stayed the same this week! I have went over my tracker a few times and I can say hand on heart I didn't do anything wrong and I have even counted in the huge amount of vodka I consumed and it was all pointed and paid for - as they say lol.
I am slightly disappointed but I am not going to let this send me down the wrong road and reaching for the non ww biscuit tin! I am going to carry on being a very good girl and hopefully see good results in the next few weeks.

As it's the weekend we had a chinese for tea tonight and I am so proud of myself as I had chicken with mushrooms (lowest thing on the menu) and half portion of fried rice with a handfull of chips and pointed everything and didn't go over - yipeeee. I have to say now that I am full up and it was very satisfying.

Now it's time for bed and tomorrow beckons with another day of full points to be eaten.I'm going to bed to dream about the ww sausages I have for brekkie tomorrow - they're only 1.5 pts each and I do hope they don't taste like sh*t. Nighty Nite lol.

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  1. Ah hun, keep up the hard work and you'll have a loss next week. Lol at you counting ya voddy! xox