Thursday, 19 March 2009


mmmmm well tomorrow is weigh in day and I've not been bad as the title may suggest. . . . NO i've had the dreaded sickness bug which has brought my family to it's knees since last friday :(
my poor boys have had it one by one and as i type my hubby is the latest victim and has been tucked up in bed ill (and i know he means it as i was the very same) and feeling very sorry for himself.
so i haven't overindulged but i have hardly eaten a bite as i still as yet have no appetite (i'm sure that will return lol) and therefore i have lots of unused points. now many would think this to be a blessing but i have found in the past that this usually has the opposite affect on me and i'm hoping for a small loss or even a sts, fingers crossed. if i end up with a loss of more than 2lbs then this means i will have to be very careful as next week when the appetite returns i will gain it all back on. yip i am one of those poor buggers that only has to look at the packet of rolos and the scales creep up a notch or two - it's sooooo unfair!!!
well away to bed i go and tomorrow will bring what it may, goodnight xxx

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