Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Two days time myself and my lovely hubby have been married for 5 years! My mum came over tonight to babysit and we went out for a lovely chinese meal. I had 3 points saved from yesterday and after my breakfast and milk points for the day (4.5) i have had 0 point soup throughout the afternoon to keep me going with some bread (3) and then a ww rich toffee bar (1.5).

I had spring rolls to start (couldn't resist) (2 of @ 5 points each!!!) followed by chicken fried rice but being the good girl I am I only ate half the portion (5) also pinched a few of ma billys chips but counted them as quarter portion (2.5)
So in total 17.5 points!

Billy couldn't believe when I said "I'm full" as I would usually just keep eating and then complain all night about my sore tummy and how bloated I feel.
I was so proud of myself I kept taking little breaks and knew when I had eaten enough and that is definately a new side to me lol.

Points for today 24
Saved from yesterday 3
Used 26.5
Left Over 0.5

Woo Hoo I didn't go over, hope it shows on the scales on Saturday :)

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