Wednesday, 22 April 2009

WI Week 10

I STS this week!!
Really p!ssed off about it but hey that's life.
Was due TOTM at WI so i'm hoping it's been that, next weeks WI will be TOTM so fingers crossed I will get a loss.
It seem to be working out that the week before my period is the week I have a gain or STS result, this must be the way my body works.

This week I am struggling so much so that last night I went to bed to watch TV at 9pm as I was already 1.5pts over. I was sleeping for 10pm and woke up this morning really refreshed and ready for another day.

I hate this week of the month, I just want to eat anything in sight, particularly chocolate and when I start I cannot stop, so going to bed was the best possible option. I have made a huge pot of free soup for today (eaten half already lol) and this will help me save my 1.5pts from yesterday to keep me on an even keel.

It's funny as at the start of my WW journey I had 25pts a day and really struggled to use them all but now I'm on 24 and I could eat that 3 times over in one day. I just want more food! I suppose that's how I got to where I am - eating eating eating!

My faourite 0 point treat at the moment is mushrooms - yum yum. I have been spraying the fry light and adding the mushrooms to everything I eat or sometimes just on there own to have a nibble on. lol how sad am I - mushrooms for a treat but they are soooooo tasty!!

Och well, it's half way through the week and 3 sleeps until WI #11 I better have a loss or I'll be very annoyed. I'm only 2lbs from my 1 stone loss and I want my 2nd silver 7 and if I don't get it soon I'm gonna jump up and down and stamp my feet :)


  1. I sts or gain 1/2 the week before I am due on too. It's a bit of a pain, but at least I know it's not of my own doing!!

    Stay Motivated!!

  2. Yeah, it really gets annoying. You stick to plan and the body takes over!