Tuesday, 14 April 2009

WI Week 9

Oh dear, I forgot to post my WI result!

I lost another 1lb woopwoop :)
2 more and i'll have my 1st stone off. taking it's time but i'm getting there.

I've spent the night colouring my hair and that is certainly a great way to stop the eating. the smell is god damn awful think i'll sniff it every day lol or maybe that would be swapping one addiction for another :o

I have made a few meals this week from the wwmag and the weekdays cookbook and so far all have been a thumbs up! I am planning making either turkey & apple burgers tomorrow or sausage ragu. Just depends how the day goes could end up being ww pizza from the freezer!

Well tomorrow is a sad day. ma billys wee grandad died last week and tomorrow is his funeral. the poor wee man was a fair age and suffered from dementia which is never nice to see in anyone so at least he is now back in sound mind.

nite nite x

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